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Why just ELSA?

Sounds like Cher, or Madonna or Oprah.
Ha! Not hardly!

I get asked that question quite often. Why not some meaningful or descriptive name?

Honestly, how many Elsas have you known? Me? Not many, and none until I was grown. I never had to append a letter after my name or go by a nickname to differentiate me from other Elsas. I didn't even have to use a last name. If someone said Elsa, they were talking to or about me.

Of course, that also meant I couldn't find a personalized souvenir mug with my name on it. I'm waiting for Elsa, Princess of Arendelle, to get that fixed.

I am a Wife, Mother and a Granny. I enjoy photography, painting, sewing, cooking and crafts of just about every kind.

I taught ceramic art and painting, both as a travel teacher and in my own studio, for many years.

I am now retired and have been focusing more on paper crafts. I have always had a fascination with paper, glass and fire...the kind you do in a kiln.

A new found interest is digital vector graphics and raster painting. A lot of my cutting files are offered as Print and Cuts because that's my thang...what I enjoy doing.
I primarily use Adobe Photoshop and Designer Pro X11 to create my images.

I find great satisfaction in creating for myself and others. I hope you do as well and can find something you can use here. Enjoy!

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